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Service Offering

GSA 360 Solutions provides clients with:

  • Effective project management tools
  • Custom-designed platforms
  • Instructive templates
  • Past examples of successful submissions
  • Help with Cost and Pricing and Technical Proposal
  • Unique strategies and best practices to
    successfully acquire, maintain and market a
    General Services Administration Multiple Award
    Schedule (GSA MAS) contract

Since 2009, our customized marketing solutions have resulted in over $10M in contract awards to our clients!

Business Case for Acquiring a GSA MAS

GSA Multiple Award Schedules are one of the oldest and most frequently used federal contract vehicles. They account for nearly 10% of the $500 Billion in contract awards to the private sector every year.

Between 10,000 -15,000 businesses and organizations that contract with the federal government are currently on GSA MAS, representing less than 5% of firms that do business with the federal government. The GSA MAS is comprised of Large Category and Small Category Descriptions also described as Special Item Numbers (SINs). These SINs cover the vast majority of what the federal government buys in products and services annually. The firms on GSA MAS are recognized as leaders in their respective industries, based on the ability to acquire this highly sought-after contract vehicle.

The GSA MAS contract lists all products and services that have been negotiated and awarded to private firms and organizations, along with the pricing, terms, and conditions. The GSA MAS contract can be used by all federal agencies, as well as state and local government (in some cases) to award contracts.

Small businesses benefit greatly from being on the GSA MAS! They can combine it with their small designations to attract the attention of federal government buyers. These buyers can facilitate a contract award that is in conformity with Federal Acquisition Regulations. This can help generate the type of revenue needed for small businesses to survive among bigger players.

Altogether, over 80% of federal government contractors that generate greater than $1MM in annual revenue are on the GSA MAS. It is a proven effective way to grow your federal government business base.

The GSA MAS contract term is for five (5) years. However, three (3) five-year renewals are allowed resulting in a potential total contract term of twenty (20) years. During this period, the listing of products and services may be expanded
through the contract modification process. Terms and conditions may also be renegotiated based on prevailing market conditions.

Proposal Support

Despite the attractiveness of the GSA MAS, acquiring the contract involves an extensive knowledge of:


Federal government’s established acquisition requirements


Pricing procedures


Terms and conditions


Technical Proposal Responses

These requirements are outlined in a 200-page document that is updated yearly. The proposal effort requires a Cost and Pricing submission as well as a Technical Proposal that typically results in a 100 plus page proposal document, which can be cumbersome to complete. Negotiation of pricing, terms, and conditions with the government is critical to the long-term use of the contract vehicle.

RMC GSA 360 Solutions offers a custom-designed, comprehensive solution to address the proposal requirements of the current GSA MAS solicitation. Our Proposal Management tools and expert guidance allow clients to successfully submit their Cost and Pricing and technical Proposal to GSA. This has resulted in a 100% RMC contract award success rate. The typical duration for contract award is within 90 days of proposal submission.

Contract Administration and Compliance Support

Post-contract award, GSA has a myriad of confusing mandatory contract administration and compliance requirements that if not properly addressed, will result in the cancellation of the contract. Additionally, after the initial award, GSA Schedule holders are allowed to expand their listing of products and services through the contract modification process.

RMC GSA 360 Solutions will take on the burden of ensuring that contract administration and compliance requirements are met. We will also modify your GSA MAS contract as your product and service offerings expand.

Marketing and Capture Management Support

A GSA MAS contract is a unique and attractive way to sell to the federal government. Once on Schedule, a firm will receive GSA EBUY Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and Quotations (RFQs) daily. Additionally, when marketing to the federal government, pricing, terms and conditions pre-negotiated with GSA allows for an expedient way to receive a contract award.

RMC GSA 360 Solutions provides expert, results driven strategies to utilize a GSA MAS contract to generate federal government business. One of the key factors in successful marketing to the government is market research. This fosters relationship building with federal agency program and contracting personnel. We have perfected this process and pass these strategies to our clients.

What Our Clients Say

“RMC assisted us with acquiring our GSA Schedule in 2013 by expertly analyzing our sales practices and advising us on how to position our services with the government. Since that time, they have managed our Professional Services Schedule and taking all of the administrative burden off of our shoulders. They have also assisted us with marketing our Schedule, resulting to three sizable contract awards.”

I wouldn’t hesitate giving Road Map a call! They will show you the way!

Don S.

SES Corporation

“We contracted with Road Map Consulting to assist us with our GSA Schedule 70 contract initiation. They provided expert and friendly service to our firm. It was obvious that Road Map Consulting was very experienced with the process and they provided prompt and reliable work in expediting our contract. We will definitely use them again when we need further GSA contract work.”

Don S.

SES Corporation

“Road Map took the pain and bureaucratic labyrinth out of doing business with the Federal Government. They expedited our 8(a) application and GSA schedule and saved processing time by a year or more. Not only are they smart at what they do but, they are professional and a pleasure to work with, regarding government business. They are part of my business arsenal when working with the Feds.”

Richard R.

PL Systems

GSA Schedule Contract # GS- 00F-171DA

  • SIN 611512 - Integrated Consulting Services
  • SIN 611430 - Training Services: Instructor Led Training, Web Based Training
  • SIN 541611 - Acquisition Management Support
  • SIN 541611 - Integrated Business Program Support Services
  • SIN 54151S - Information Technology Professional Services

GSA Advantage Catalogue

State funded grants to assist small business with professional proposal preparation in these areas:

  • GSA Schedule Proposal Support
  • Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security
  • Federal Government Marketing Assistance

State of Michigan Proposal


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ISO 9001 is defined as the international standard that specifies requirements for a Quality Management System (QMS). Organizations use the standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide quality products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. Road Map Consulting’s   applications comply with ISO 9001 requirements.